For Single Location Companies
Annual Subscription

  • Subscription Includes All Software Updates And Support
  • 100% Compliant Reports
  • All Protected Veteran And Individuals With Disabilities Requirements
  • Easy Importing Of Workforce And Adverse Impact
  • Everything Is Included No Additional Modules Necessary
  • Fully Customizable Narratives
  • Easy To Read Current Plan Year Analysis
  • Publish Your AAP To A Single PDF Or Word File
  • Easy Mid-Year Updates
  • Executive Summary Report
  • Compensation Analysis, Including Regression And Cohort
  • All Census Areas Included, Worksite And Residence
  • Build Unlimited Custom Census Areas
  • Automatically Assign Census Codes To Jobs
  • IPEDS Educational Data Included
  • Data Is Stored Locally, Not On A Vendor's Insecure "Cloud"
  • Automatically Checks For Data Errors And Inconsistencies
  • Personal Support Via Phone, Internet Chat, Email
  • Web-Based And In-Person Training Available
  • Audit Guidance