Fast Compliance

The Complete AAP™ software allows you to quickly create a professional looking affirmative action plan that complies with all the latest federal government requirements. It eliminates the countless hours it takes to prepare a plan manually, freeing you up for other vital responsibilities.


Don't settle for that cut-and-paste look of many manually prepared plans that may not contain everything you need during an audit! Now you have an easy and cost-effective choice for creating a customized affirmative action plan for your organization.

Attorney Supported

Should you need assistance, The Complete AAP™ software is supported by a team of professionals, including attorneys with years of affirmative action and EEO experience, that are available to answer any of your affirmative action questions.

Secure Application

The Complete AAP™ software is a Microsoft Windows™ application that runs on your network or your local computer. Your critical data is NOT stored insecurely on the cloud on some software vendor's website. You have total control of your data security.