Let Us Create Your Company's Affirmative Action Plan (AAP)

Yocom & McKee, Inc. can put together your entire AAP. Most plans can be completed without the expense of an on-site visit!

If you choose Yocom & McKee, Inc. to create your AAP, we will guide you through the process from discussing which data to send us, to reviewing your final report results with you.

The process begins with a proposal stage, followed by an assignment stage in which an AAP Specialist is hand-picked to take on your project. The AAP Specialist emails data requirements and follows up with a call to explain what is required. During the data gathering stage, you are encouraged to contact your AAP Specialist to ask any questions. After you submit data, the AAP Specialist will perform a thorough review to ensure that reports can be run with the data; you may be contacted during this period for clarification of data or suggestions on record gathering. The AAP Specialist then runs the required reports, and submits them for an internal multi-tiered review by our staff of experts and attorneys. Once approved, your finished AAP is sent to you for review. Instructions for implementing the plan and additional obligations as affirmative action employer are included with the AAP.

Support For Your Affirmative Action Plan

We stand behind our work at Yocom & McKee, Inc. We encourage you to call us if you have any questions about your AAP, and especially if you are notified of an audit by the OFCCP. We have material available to assist you in the preparation and management of an audit. Hundreds of our clients have been audited - none have failed!