Online Training Overview

Connect remotely one-on-one with a trainer to learn how to navigate through The Complete AAP™ software to complete an affirmative action plan (AAP). Your trainer will share their screen during the online two-hour training while they use sample data to cover the topics below.


All the topics below can be covered during your online training sessions, but we can direct focus on areas of interest most important to you:

  • Creating an AAP Shell in The Complete AAP™
  • Generating and Populating Import Templates
  • Importing Workforce and Employment Activities
  • Establishing Location Information and Demonstrating Rollup Feature
  • Assigning Job Census Codes
  • Using the Error Check Feature (Professional Edition Only)
  • Establishing Recruitment Weights to Determine Availability
  • Publishing Reports
  • Customizing Sections and Documents (Professional Edition Only)


Our fees vary between the first half of the year and the second based on demand for support and services. Training must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance or incur a 25% expedite fee.

January 1 to June 30
    The Complete AAP™ Two-Hour Online Training for one license holder : $900
    One additional license holder attending same session : $500

July 1 to December 31
    The Complete AAP™ Two-Hour Online Training for one license holder : $700
    One additional license holder attending same session : $300


Days: Monday through Friday
Hours Available: 8:00am - 4:00pm EST

Your two-hour training session can be scheduled to begin any time between 8:00 am until 4:00 pm EST. We encourage you to install and explore the program before your scheduled training so that you make the most of your time. If you are new to affirmative action, before your training occurs we encourage you to read through the AAP Basics chapter in the Training Manual available in the Help toolbar button.

Fill out the registration form below, and a Yocom & McKee, Inc. training representative will contact you to get your training scheduled and answer any questions you have about the session. You will not be invoiced until after your training is scheduled. Please email or call 800-765-1176, extension 3 if you have any questions regarding training, including questions about alternative forms of training.

Trainee Information

Please provide trainee information in the required fields below. If coordinating and/or billing contacts are different, please use the Comments section to provide their contact information.

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An invoice for non-refundable payment will be emailed to you after training schedule is set, and payment must be received before training occurs. One additional paid trainee may attend the same session; each trainee must have an active user license at the time of training. You may re-schedule your training session to a later date a maximum of two times by written request 24 hours or more before the session is scheduled to begin, otherwise time is forfeited. Training must occur within the same fee period purchased: January through June or July through December. Training not completed within twelve (12) months after the date of purchase shall be forfeited. Sessions may not run longer than two hours, and any individual questions sent to trainer after training ends will be redirected to customer support. We reserve the right to re-schedule for any reason. Training is conducted according to known regulations and requirements at the time training is scheduled; additional sessions must be purchased to receive training on new regulation or reporting requirements.