Our experienced AAP Specialists will help you become familiar with the operation of The Complete AAP™ software at your pace with your data (one data set per trainee, one trainee per session). We use encrypted screen-sharing and secure conferencing services to guide you through the steps that are necessary to complete an affirmative action plan in The Complete AAP™ software. While software proficiency is the main focus of the training, you can use your time to ask our staff other affirmative action-related questions.


Days: Monday through Friday
Hours Available: 8:00am - 3:00pm MST

Sessions can begin from 8:00 am until 2:00 pm Mountain, and can run no later than 3:00 pm MST. Training is limited to two hours per day, and, for purposes of knowledge retention and timeliness, we highly recommend that all sessions be completed one month from the first scheduled session. We encourage you to schedule your training to begin soon after the start of your new AAP year. Yocom & McKee, Inc. will provide data requirements after training registration is confirmed.


The Complete AAP™ Training (six hours) : $800 ($950 with AAP Basics included)

Additional Trainee (limit of 2) : $400 each ($475 with AAP Basics included)


An invoice for non-refundable prepayment will be emailed to you after your first session is scheduled. Non-refundable pre-payment is required before training occurs. Up to two additional trainees, all using the same data, may attend scheduled training; each trainee must have an active user license at time of training. Trainees with different data must register separately. You may reschedule any session by written request 24 hours or more before the session is scheduled to begin. If sessions run longer than scheduled, you will be invoiced based on price rounded up to the nearest whole hour. We reserve the right to reschedule.

We will contact you to schedule your first session. Please call for more information about on-site and class training.

Trainee Information